The Organic Future

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I come home after my late-afternoon jog. I open the door without touching it because I’m sweaty and I turn quickly to the kitchen to kill my thirst. While walking in my home, the lights light up, the shutters go down and the music turns on itself. It was a good idea to have this chip implanted subcutaneously some years ago. Contains all the information needed – for the different devices in the house – to be my slaves without having to do anything. There are my preferences and settings, which I can change at any time in my cloud computer from Asus.
I take a shower at the right programmed temperature and the shower itself monitors my movements for a better hygienic cleaning. I dress my high-tech clothes and with my voice I demand the “Shape” to become a couch – the “Shape” is a kind of special plasticine, using the most hot nanotechnologies to adopt any design or structure we want (it’s for sure the latest gadget from IKEA this summer). I decide to play car racing with the Holographic Dreaming from Sony and the “Shape” quickly read the game’s intentions and start to shake like you’re sitting in a real rally car.
It’s good to see advertising from Heineken in the game because I like the green bottle. It’s funny. My chip blocks any intrusion into the home of unsolicited advertisements – only authorizes the ones that fit the profile I configured. My smartphone makes me the same task, because only are shown to me the augmented reality items that I like. Occasionally I give him full rein to absorb what is happening outside. Sometimes, we must update our thoughts.
Today I worked at home – almost nobody goes to offices because telecommuting is king. The oil is $ 50 per barrel, as people no longer use the car for work, but for leisure. Much of the technology I have at home is Chinese or came from there – China smothered the great powers because it has the largest reserves of raw materials used in technology.
My IPAD 12 received a message saying I have mail. It is a questionnaire for a company to respond. By the way, I’ve developed the platform where this survey works. After years and years of surveys and questionnaires that were static and boring, I decided to create a Mutant Questionnaire: as the respondent answers questions, the following questions are changed in real time so that the person will only respond to what is in his line of reasoning and references, getting a more fluid and reliable questionnaire. What you get are questions and answers to questionnaires tailored to the individual: to be processed together with the responses of other millions of people around the world, with a software that aggregates the data and creates… static questions with different answers. It is a technology that is born of anarchy, but that returns to ordered, static questionnaires as they used to be.
I’m my own boss, because today is more easy to be independent than to be a company. Apps are all free and intuitive. Programmers compete to build solutions that non-programmers can use. Still, I miss the old photographers, journalists, translators  … It’s all gone since the moment the “Do it yourself” has joined the smart and freeware applications, without programming knowledge needed. Incidentally, I love to watch the news from my neighbourhood in the online channel of my neighbour. By the way, I think there’s a barbecue tomorrow somewhere.
Thank God, no need to download illegal music and movies: the copyright tradition is long gone, because large companies have concluded that the protection of what they did was as effective as stop the water with a sieve. The truth is that large companies dismantled into several smaller and flexible companies: their brands do not last long and live exploring small niches. Marketing concepts such as “positioning” no longer make sense: a brand positioning was difficult because there was always a brand (or several) where we wanted to put ours. The big profits have become smaller and Men-Company prevailed with the help of technology. The traditional trade has been replaced by Shopping Centres Spa & Boutique: people go to the mall to wander, have a Turkish bath, watch advertising, have experiences of sensory marketing and see the brands and its news. It’s like a saloon car of the 2000s: the news shows up, some have a coffee and hardly someone buys anything: to do so, they use their Ipad 12.
Nowadays, the amount of digital information is colossal. Analysts and computer systems spend much of their time to structure it, in order to sell software that chew the information needed to the various sectors of the economy. What the Internet creates and dilutes, is what analysts collect and aggregate in information packets customer oriented. Lego is the great sensation this year in this regard. If we imagine such a thing in 2011 …
The art of selling has also changed: most of the vendors became managers of CRM, and so are more suited to online shopping. The e-money is our motto: I charge some of it in my smartphone and do the shopping for wi-fi. At the supermarket, no shopping carts exist, just point your smartphone to a product as many times as you want (sort of Nintendo’s Wii), and is paid automatically. At the end, products I’ve chose are packaged and sent to my home.
But before I finish what I’d really like to talk was about my Samsung PlasmaWall. Through sensors, I do not need to touch it because it is “no-touch” tech. The display is Google’s Web 6.0 standard. Formerly it was possible to put a few open pages on your PC, but that does not captivate me much. For the past few years, Google has redesigned the Internet – now it looks like a Google map, i.e. I know where the sites are in a visual manner, not just through a search engine. The PlasmaWall shows me the internet as if you were to see a country by satellite at night: there are brighter areas (most active categories of sites or other attribute you want to explore) and less brighter areas (less active categories.) The institutions and companies in the Google rank no longer appear on top of a list, but before they earned a colour closer to red. It’s so cool because I can really “see” the internet and go to the hot spots of it!
The 4th of July is tomorrow, so the area of the PlasmaWall corresponding to the category “celebration” is quite active. I think I’ll do a bit of zooming in that area, until some SEO captures my attention as I “dive”, giving me arguments to go celebrate somewhere in particular. SEOs become hunters and I’ll enjoy to be the target today.  Halfway through the trip I will certainly see some announcements from Heineken. After that, I’m going to that huge red stain in the corner. It is the land of Facebook. I’m certainly going to zoom in until I land my neighbour’s house to ask – by Videobook – where will be the barbecue. After all, the world is small and my company headquarters is there. On Facebook.

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  1. It sounds like you will be making issues yourself by searching for to solve this problem instead of searching at why their is usually a issue inside the Very first place. thanks !!! really really helpful post!

  2. Awesome site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really love to be a part of group where I can get suggestions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!

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