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Here I am  Hi,

My name is Francisco Teixeira and I am a Specialist in Consumer Behaviour  and Qualitative Marketing Research. I live and work at Oporto, beautiful city on the north of Portugal and Unesco’s Heritage Site.

My professional interests walk closely with Innovation and Consumer Behavior, never forgetting all my knowledge in Market Research – from the Qualitative to the Quantitative side.

My experience includes more than 10 years of contact with important brands and Institutions, providing detailed qualitative reports on consumer behaviour, helping clients to understand what consumer’s numbers and words really mean it.
With those reports, clients can decide about issues of major importance like brand positioning, packaging alternatives, concepts, price range, launch of new products and services, advertising, fusions, service improvement and others.

  Some clients I’ve worked with: CGD, TMN, Pfizer, Lactogal, O Jogo, Anacom, Unilever, Empresa Cervejas da Madeira, RTP, Metro do Porto, Pingo Doce, Heinz, Deco, ICS (Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa), Associação Nacional de Farmácias, EDP…
Other professional relations rise along the way with Advertising Agencies and other Market Research firms, helping them with their client’s issues. I also have extensive experience with international customers, either directly or via Market research firms and advertising agencies.


Consumer Behavior insights and Innovation.

Qualitative research and full knowledge about quantitative procedures.
Certified for pedagogical training (CAP – Certificado de Aptidão Pedagógica de Formador)

Responsible for qualitative projects (including hundreds of focus groups and in-depht interviews, management of blog studies, workshops…) and quantitative projects (questionnaire construction, client’s management, quotes, fieldwork organization and training, supervision in the fieldwork or at the office, Mistery shopping, shop along…).
Regarding qualitative projects, I’m responsible for them from the beginning (new business, quotes and values, client management, guides and screeners construction, moderation of groups or interviews…) till the end (making final reports and present them to top management at clients facilities). I have experience in all the major Market Research processes including “secondary” tasks like recruitment or even as an interviewer, for example. People only really know their profession if they work hard on the base of it.
I have also experience working outside the country ( for ex: Africa).

See my public profile on Linkedin: http://pt.linkedin.com/in/franciscojteixeira


2 thoughts on “About the author

  1. Well done Francisco. Thank you for sharing this study on LinkedIn.

    This subject has been written about in the past – but your input is to be congratulated. I am thinking about including it (with full attribution of course) in one of our publications – probably Marketing Notes – our eMag. Would you be agreeable to that?

    I am also about to invite you to join our special LinkedIngroup – MAANZ Smarter Marketing. Hope you will consider it

    Dr. Brian Monger
    Executive Director
    The Marketing Association of ANZ

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