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This area is dedicated to post articles, discovers and miscellaneous data that I find interesting and / or that can impact consumption patterns in a near future. There’s no updating schedule: things are posted as they catch my attention, normally on a daily basis.

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Social Media: Trends to Watch in Social Commerce

Money: VISA Enables Payments Person-to-Person

New Post on Consumer Goods Club: Why New Products on Supermarket Shelves Fail?

Eco: How Pepsi and Coca-Cola are Reshaping the Future of Liquid Containers

Marketing: Private Label Here to Stay

Software: Open Source Software Movement is already here!

Population: World’s Average Person (video)

Shopping Perspectives: A Great Idea – Restrooms or Stores?

Future: Imagining It (video)

Mobile: The Apps Empire

Marketing: Win Customers With Empathy Marketing

Biology: Natural Selection Will Destroy us

Automotive: The Future of The Connected Car

Post: My New Article on Consumer Goods Club!

Planning: 20 Essential Tools For Project Management

Mind: Telempathy, a future of socially networked neurons

Economics: Biology is providing surprising insights into the financial crisis

Business: How To Create a Startup, Step by Step, In 10 Days

Health: A Guided Chemical Missile to Erradicate Cancer

Consumer Behavior: The Just-In-Time consumer

Health: Embedded Medical Sensors Monitorize Our body And Diseases

Mobile: 5 Ways Mobile Will Transform Commerce

Techno: driving a car with your brainwaves (includes video demonstration)

Innovation: 50 Most Innovative Companies 2011

Personal: Scientists May have, Accidentally, Discovered the Cure for Baldness

Eco: The Sahara Forest Project

Should You Make Consumers Register to Buy Online?

The Next Big Thing: Web O Things

Consumers Leading The Way To Product Innovation

World’s First “Pop-Up Mall”

Software Calculates Appearance Of The Average Woman in 41 Countries

Multiplayer Environment Encourages Virtual Urban Development

The Curse of Mental Accounting

Article at The Consumer Goods Club

 Internet: The decision Point

 All the Digital Data In the World Is Equivalent to One Human Brain

 Spray-on Shirt: new ways of producing clothes


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