About this blog

Hi there,

 This blog is dedicated to all the enthusiasts of Consumer Behaviour in all of its forms: research, business application, education or simply pure curiosity. You’re free to post and share your ideas and expertise. It will be great to hear from you.

Consumer Behaviour is a challenging issue. Economic structures are facing difficulties and drastic changes. Consumers are more informed, they suggest more, they like personalized products and services that suit their lives. They have the power: inverting the economic history, now they are able to choose more than ever.

Information is vast and diversified – this means a great effort for companies concerning marketing strategies to captivate customers. Resources are scarce, so every dollar must be spent consciously. Consumer Behaviour knowledge can help with this burden. This is my professional project:

It’s important to anticipate consumer’s needs or interests. But more important, is to be there with your product and service when they need them.

So, we live a commitment these days. The more power consumers have the more power we must share.

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2 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Olá Francisco, eu estou a escrivir un articulo para una nova revista (Marca blanca agains marca do fabricante) e gostaria de tomar o teu grafico de Europa com lo share de private label en cada país.
    Eu sou de Barcelona (Spanha) e por supuesto o teu nome apareceria como source del grafico.

    Diz-em algo por favor. Obrigado

    PD: sorry for my portuguese. It’s very basic. Many thanks

    1. Olá, Sergi. O gráfico foi retirado de outra fonte, e está identificado no texto: “The private label brands are now an inescapable reality in many markets, gaining share year after year. In the U.S., ¼ of the products sold in supermarkets are store brands (the most important segment of private labels). In Europe, the share of private labels is revealing (image and data: PLMA – Private Label Manufacturers Association). The private labels have long…”
      No entanto, se seguires o link, não vais conseguir aceder à imagem. Assim, aconselho-te a copiares a imagem, e colocares como fonte (source): PLMA – Private Label Manufacturers Association.

      Espero que ajude!
      I love Barcelona 🙂


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