My City

I live in the wonderful, magic and underground style city of Porto, in the North of Portugal. This city evolved a lot in the past 5 years, and now is the place I elected for my personal and professional life.

I leave you with some must visit sites, but this is unfinished business. From time to time I will post here more news and images, so you can feel this vibrating city. You’re always welcome!!

So… drink a sweet Porto wine and enjoy the view.

These are the tiny streets of Ribeira – a part of the city near river Douro that was established World’s Unesco Heritage Site in 1996. This is the older part of town and a remarkable place to slowly discover city life and traditions. Wine shops are everywhere, and at night people go for a walk… or visit the numerous bars that appear in every corner. Students (Portuguese and from international exchange programs) and tourists shape the area with sounds and multi-cultural perspectives.  Definitely worth a day or two, from your plans. You must go deeper in those streets, find children playing and see elderly waiting for the passage of time. They seem kind of magic, from a sort of fairy tail – and don’t be satisfied until you lose somewhere. Don’t worry: Portuguese people are a symbol of hospitality, always looking to help you.

This is Porto’s best view: from Serra do Pilar, you’ll see this city as you never imagine. At first, Luís I bridge catch all the attentions, but then you spread your vision through all Ribeira area and a large amount of the Douro River. At north is the city of Porto; at south, the city of Gaia. Two different cities, but the same heart full of honesty and emotions.

Downtown as amazing old stores, full of histories to tell and stimulus for the five senses. Santa Catarina Street is the main commercial line, always with lots of people, street artists, tents, music… you name it.

At the end, it’s not a street: it’s a living postcard.


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